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【Smart China Expo】Hormone exploding!Contestants from six countries fight for the Champion of the IDRGP

Time: 2018/08/24 Source:本站 Share

August 23 to 24th, the International Drone Racing Grand Prix which sponsored by Smart China Expo Organizing Committee, hosted by Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Committee, Chongqing Municipal People's Government of Banan,co-organized by China Economic Information Service Chongqing Center,executed by the GreekPark,and supported by Shenzhen RoyalYu Culture Communication Co.,Ltd.ends perfectly.

From China, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions nearly 50 contestants, after a fierce competition, and finally won the championship by Kay-Ronnie Chow(Hong Kong, China)

The top 3 of the International Drone Racing Grand Prix are respectively

Champion  Kay-Ronnie Chow(Hong Kong,China)


First runner up  Ke,Ziming(Wuhan, China)


Second runner up  Suzuki Takumi(Japan)




2018 Smart China Expo

International Drone Racing Grand Prix(IDRGP)

Tournament Organization

Sponsor unit:

Smart China Expo Organizing Committee(The People's Government of Chongqing,The People's Republic of China ministry of science and technology,Ministry of industry and information Technology,Chinese Academy of Science,Chinese Academy of Engineering,China Association For Science And Technology)

Undertake units:

The Chongqing Econoic And Information Technology Commitee,Chongqing Municipal People's Government of Banan

Joint unit:

China EconomicInformation Service Chongqing Center

Execution Unit:


Surport Unit:

Shenzhen RuyalYu Culture CommunicationCo,.Ltd.DronePlus Union