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Revealing|Heating up 100,000 + crowds in just 1 day, why is this drone carnival so hot?

Time: 2018/09/15 Source:本站 Share

With the more and more extensive application of UAV, the UAV industry is at a important forefront of the new economy.

According to statistics and forecasts, the supply of civilian drones in China was close to 2.9043 million in 2017, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%.The global civilian drone market is expected to reach $40.5 billion by 2024, the size of the domestic drone market is expected to be 42.5 billion yuan in 2024, and the size of the civilian drone market will increase to 20.5 billion yuan

The rapid development of UAV consumption and application makes the functional consumption of UAV more and more mature, while in the new era of consumer value upgrading, the additional value fields such as the stylistic entertainment of UAV have not been fully developed.

In terms of use, 67.9% users use drones as a form of entertainment, meaning the growing number of drone users and entertainment tendencies will greatly fuel the development and maturity of the drone entertainment industry, according to the drone user report released by DronesDirect."UAV + entertainment" will become a promising market area for the current and future drone markets.

DronePlus as a subsidiary of RoyalYu's UAV Pan-entertainment culture brand,in 2017,hosted a world-class creator event, Maker Faire Shenzhen drone experience carnival, attracted more than 10,000 audience.

During the company's 2018 SCE Drone International Exchange Event & Drone Innovation Carnival, more than 50,000 people were viewed and involved, including more than 6000 spectators in the final.

In the 2018 WIC drone carnival hosted by the company, with the unique charm of drones and fun experience of the game,more than 100,000 of the crowd were heated up within just 1 day, the scene was unusually hot.

From the extent of the explosion of UAV carnival, through the integration of high-tech and entertainment, present to the general public in a popular way,activities or products are expected to be quickly heated up,create phenomenal marketing!

The drone carnival is dominated by popular participation, focusing on the fun of the audience to experience drones, and guiding the audience to gradually master the operation of drones through simple to complex links

Unique perspective, cool styling, charismatic operation experience, all attract the attention of many citizens, ignite the atmosphere of the event scene!

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