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【World Intelligence Congress】World Intellgence Drone Racing

Time: 2018/05/18 Source: 本站 Share

The WIDR is located in the sino-singapore Tianjin eco-city, which is a strategic cooperation project between the two governments of China and Singapore. The construction of eco city shows the decision of the two governments to cope with global climate change, strengthen environmental protection, save resources and energy, and provide positive discussions and typical models for the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

It's an indoor competition,the track takes an area of 600 square meters.The latest track design is used to add more three-dimensional elements and three-dimensional structures.

The track adopts environmentally friendly safety material for competition,creating high-quality entry conditions for the competitors.

By hosting the 2018 WIDR, Tianjin hopes to take advantage of this opportunity to integrate Tianjin's superior resources, through technology, innovation,design and other characteristics, hoping to attract more excellent athletes to come to training and compete. With the top of the competition resources as a platform to combine more resources to help the development of the drone industry. With the good economic level of Tianjin and the intensive innovation atmosphere of science and technology,under the guidance of the government, the drone industry will be accelerated to exchange and develop.












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