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【Smart China Expo】The drone Carnival experience area is popular, with more than 20,000 visitors at the scene

Time: 2018/08/27 Source:本站 Share

From 23 August to 25th, the "2018 Smart China Expo-Civil UAV exhibition match" was successfully concluded at the Chongqing International Expo Center.

The competition consists of two major parts, "International Drone racing Grand Prix" and "UAV Innovation Carnival".The event is sponsored by Smart China Expo Organizing Committee, hosted by Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Committee, Chongqing Municipal People's Government of Banan,co-organized by China Economic Information Service Chongqing Center,executed by the GreekPark,and supported by Shenzhen RoyalYu Culture Communication Co.,Ltd.

The International Drone Racing Grand Prix shall be one of the most popular activities during the SCE.

According to staff statistics, from the August 23 international drone racing Grand Prix test flight, to August 24 official competition, the audience has more than 20,000 people, including the final audience of more than 6000.

On the 25th,in order to let the public feel the charm of drones,the IDRGP organizing committee opend the track of IDRGP to the audience.The carnival was also very exciting.There was a steady stream of people participating in the event.

The drone carnival focuses on getting more people to experience the fun of drones, with professionals offering introductory guidance and getting more specific, image-based knowledge of drones through participation in activities and close contact with drones

There are a number of activities such as small tracks that simulate actual combat, FPV Simulator operations, and interesting drone poke balloons. This event combines a variety of gameplay,  so that participants have more choices to experience the fun of drones.

As a technology event, the DronePlus team set up a drone experience area in the field, giving viewers zero distance access to drones, experiencing the fun of drones, and combining high technology and entertainment through a playful interactive experience, presenting them to the audience in a popular way, allowing viewers to perceive technology and the future in the process of participation.